Tzolkin-The Harmonic Module

Of course the Tzolkin is just a code. So is the alphabet with which we write. Yet as we know the alphabet encodes a language, and the person who knows how to write that language with the alphabet-26 letters can command tremendous powers and communicate at least a suggestion of the knowledge and wisdom of the universe.  In the same way knowing the code language of the Tzolkin, the Mayan Harmonic Module can open up channels of understanding and communication with equal if not greater power than is available to us through the alphabet. Number is no different than symbols – Valum Votan (Jose Arguelles).

tzolkin big

Called “Tzolkin” by the ancient Yucatec Maya, the matrix of 260 energies is also known in modern terms as the “Harmonic Module.” It can be understood as a keyboard of 260 unique energies, or vibrations, each energy composed of one of the 13 Tones of Creation, and one of the 20 Solar Seals. (13 X 20 = 260). While this module is infinitely more than a calendric tool, we are empowered by this multi-faceted Module to live in the Synchronic Order of The Law of Time by using it as a day-to-day count of energies which harmoniously overlays upon the simple foundation of the 13-moon yearly calendar.

This form of the Tzolkin as the “Harmonic Module,”  inclusive of the 52 shaded squares which form what is called the “Loom of the Maya,” is based on Dr. Jose Arguelles’ presentation in The Mayan Factor, and is distinct from the form of the Tzolkin as taught and followed by the Quiche Maya of Guatemala. For instance, the 52-unit loom is a bi-lateral symmetry pattern which reflects the basic pattern of our DNA double helix, and was passed down from a secret lineage of Yucatec Mayan shamans, received and revealed by the works of Dr. Jose Arguelles. Integrating the galactic code of light into the genetic code of life, this “portal” formation is a resonant structure linked to the activation of our full DNA potential


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