13 lunar tones and 20(0-19) solar seals

In the beginning of our class brother Daniel asked on our first telephone conference call about why is the natural time system referred to as 13:20 verses 13:28 ( number of moons, and 28 “days” per moon). The reason that it is referred to as 13:20 and not 13:28 is due to the fact that the kin numbers, galactic signatures, tones, and wavespells are calculated within the 13 and 20 cycles of the Tzolkin(harmonic module)

There are 13 lunar tones and 20 solar seals. There are also 20 wavespells of 13 “days” within the Tzolkin. ( more on this later). This also takes us to 13×20 which = 260. 260 is the number of kin on the Tzolkin, and the number of galactic signatures that are available for us to tap into. Each of us also has a galactic signature, that we will talk about soon.

So why is this posted now? We are actually in the last 13 day cycle  or wavespell of the Tzolkin. In 13 “days” we start the Tzolkin count again at number 1 /tone 1. Please reference below graphic.




Now we can discuss the 13 lunar tones.

So what exactly are the 13 tones?

The 13 Lunar Tones are numbers known as the Tones of Creation and are represented by dots and bars.

Each day has a specific energy or creative power, which indicates the vibration and action to take:

Magnetic Tone (1): Tone of Purpose and Attraction (starts a wavespell)
Lunar Tone (2): Tone of Challenge and Polarity
Electric Tone (3): Tone of Service and Bonding
Self-Existing Tone (4): Tone of Form and Measurement
Overtone Tone (5): Tone of Radiance and Empowerment
Rhythmic Tone (6): Tone of Equality and Balance
Resonant Tone (7): Tone of Attunement and Inspiration
Galactic Tone (8): Tone of Integrity and Harmonization
Solar Tone (9): Tone of Intention and Realization
Planetary Tone (10): Tone of Manifestation and Perfection
Spectral Tone (11): Tone of Liberation and Releasing
Crystal Tone (12): Tone of Cooperation and Dedication
Cosmic Tone (13): Tone of Presence and Transcendence(ends a wavespell)

The 13 tones awaken the body and the mind.




20 Solar Seals

The 20 Solar Seals are the water that nourish the mind and body

The 20 solar seals are an embodiment of the 19 code (0-19 =20). The 0-19 code/20 solar seals correlate to and activate the 20 amino acids which are the building blocks of the DNA and life.




Each of the 20 Solar Seals corresponds to one planet in the ten-planet solar system, two Seals per planet (the tenth planet being the destroyed planet, Maldek, which is now the asteroid belt).


You can watch the following to meditate on the seals and see how they make you feel or what comes up in your mind:


The 13 lunar tones and 20 solar seals also exist in our body. 0-19 (20) digits and 13 main joints



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