Retrieving the lost memory of the law of time – Mother Tynnetta Muhammad July 1, 997

Retrieving the lost memory of the law of time – Mother Tynnetta Muhammad  Unveiling the Number 19  Final Call Newspaper July 1, 1997


“And the true promise draws nigh then lo! The eyes of those who disbelieves will be fixedly open: O woe to us! Surely we were heedless of this nay, we were unjust” Holy Quran, Surah 21, verse 97

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, stated that we once had 13 tribes and one got lost. This may have occurred in the making of our present moon by one of our original scientists, 66 trillion years ago. In his desire to make all the people speak the same dialect, he decided to destroy us by blowing up our planet. However, he could not destroy us because that would have destroyed the matter or material of darkness that makes up the universe.

So he succeeded in setting off high explosions on a part of our Earth and detonated a part of our planet off into space that we now call moon. It blasted off into space 12,000 miles high and our earth fell 36,000 miles into our present orbit  in space being the first of the 9 planets created  in the divine creation.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad further stated that many lives were lost in this explosion, and I surmise that this part of our moon history may have caused the lost or near extinction of the the 13th tribe. It has been since the creation of our present moon that our nation’s history has been calculated on the basis of a 25,000 year cycle corresponding to our Earth’s circumference with a base measurement of 12. The difference between this number 12 and the number 36 is 24. All of these numbers have been used in the calculation of time that we have known, and in the writing of our histories.

The lost memory of this past geological age connected to the moon’s history and the number 13 as a mathematical calculation in the mechanics of our universe has been retained in the present orbit of our moon which makes 13 revolutions around our planet in one complete solar year. The word moon is rooted in the word month.

Retrieving this lost memory of the law of time is biologically contained in the womb of the mother and woman in her monthly periodic cycle of menstruation once every 28 days,  This is written in the Flag of Islam written by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad  on page 13. The old order of time operates on the 12 zodiacal signs even though again we have scientific and astronomical evidence that there once existed a 13th constellation and there is a space in this 12 animal circle star system for a missing 13th constellation.


In the present mechanical clock the number 12 is fixed as the half way point in the measurement of the hours of night and day. In the western Gregorian Calendar, there are 12 months of an unevenly arranged number of days for each month.

irregularorharmonic                               13moons260days

IT HAS BEEN CONCLUDED IN  the most recent research of Jose and Llyodine Arguelles on the Mayan Calendar that retrieving this Lost Memory of the number 13 is connected to their discovery of the law of time , and is rooted in the mathematical preciseness of the Mayan Calendar and the lunar cycle which goes back to the mother and mother earth as the Guardians of the scret of time.

In the ancient cosmologies of the Native American  people and cultures of Meso-America and South America and others of African and Asian descent around our planet the number 13 was widely used in their Calendric Systems along with the number  19 prior to the coming of the white man and the introduction of this way of life, which has proven to be a way of death.

With the white man’s massive way of destruction on all indigenous nations and communities much information on the secret knowledge of these ancient builders who used a sophisticated and a superior knowledge of these ancient builders who used a sophisticated and a superior knowledge of mathematics and astronomy than is known today, has been almost totally obliterated and destroyed except to be retrieved in hidden places on our planet in the jungle retreats of Central and South America, Africa, Asia and in high mountainous places. This lost memory of time is being retrieved and scientists, the world over are collaborating their findings and publishing their works, to the changing of the western world’s dominant rule and control over the masses of the people.

Thus, Mr. Jose Arguelles, writing in his book on the discovery of the law of time, reverts back to this missing link in the memory of humanity to the number 13 and a prophetic message he received called the telektonon in which he states: “…only by returning to the correct timing frequency by the specific means of the thirteen moon calendar, will humanity save itself and be restored to a state of universal telepathy in tune with the rest of the species and the law of time.

“The day when we Roll up heaven like the rolling up of the scroll of writings. As we began the first creation, we shall reproduce it. A promise (binding) on us. We shall bring it about.” Holy Quran, Surah 21, verse 104


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