Day Out of Time- Pulsing Into The New Sirian Year

As Salaam Alaikum, In Lak’ech


Today is a very special day known to those observing the natural timing frequency of thirteen moons and 28 days as the Day Out of Time. Today is a day of rest, renewal, quiet reflection, inner thought and contemplation, as we begin a new journey into wholeness of mind body and spirit. On this day we connect mind to mind and heart to heart linking up through the astral waves of what one would call time. It is a day of rejoice, and love for self and upliftment of planetary life.


So what exactly is the day out of time from a time perspective when applied to the 13:28 frequency?

      The Day out of time is the culmination of the 13 Moon Calendar year originated from the Mayan science of time. On July 25th, Sirius (the dog star) rises with the sun. This day is observed as a day free of time in the 13 Moon Calendar. It is a day of reverence and cultural appreciation for the concept ‘Time is Art.’ This ‘free day’ is the closing of a 13×28=364 day year. The Day Out of Time re-aligns the 13 Moon calendar to the solar year and re-aligns humanity into renewed appreciation for our inherent divinity and connection to nature.

The 13 Moon Calendar is a Solar, Lunar, Galactic calendar that measures time from a 4th dimensional quantitative and qualitative perspective, revealing the synchronic and cyclical nature of time. The 13 Moon calendar is comprised of thirteen 28 day months, just as there are 13 lunations in a solar year.

This calendar respects the feminine aspects of nature and integrates them in the reckoning of time. The 13 Moon Calendar also seamlessly functions with the Sacred 260 Day Count of the Maya and other Mesoamerican peoples through the ratio of 13:20. 13×20= 260 Days, which is the average length of a human gestation period. Time is Art. This is a calendar of vision which attunes and aligns us with our environment.

The Gregorian Calendar is a political calendar of taxation and war derived from Babylonian timekeeping, and instated by the Vatican as a correction to the Julian calendar, which failed to account adequately for the solar year. The Gregorian too, fails to equal the mathematical superiority of the Mayan timekeepers in regards to its accuracy, but even worse, it regards time as linear like itÕs predecessor. Its measure is based on the 12:60 ratio, which measures time as space and eliminates the integration of the 13 moons with the solar year. What seems a harmless oversight, in fact has a tremendous effect on the consciousness of humanity. Operating in an irregular and uneven shuffle of months, with no recognition of the symbols from which it is derived, time can only be viewed as limited.

The Day Out of Time is celebrated the world over by people of all cultures who recognize the importance of a natural reckoning of time. The activities and events on the Day Out of Time are mainly determined by the participants in their respective localities. The theme of the Day Out of Time however, is universal. A day of reverence and respect for all life, a dedication to the beauty of eternal time, and an outreach of cultural and community exchange and education relative to the concept of natural time.

The Day out of Time” is always synchronized with July 25th. Based on The Galactic Calendar, this is the 365th day of the year, but this day is no day of the month, and no day of the week. This is a day for sacred pause and celebration before the dawning of The Galactic New Year which is always July 26th!



July 25th, Day Out of Time shines at the core of the exact midpoint between the last 26.000 years and the beginning of the next 26.000 years of the Galactic Life Cycle. Time for us to bring Heaven on Earth!!!

This day out of time we also flow into a new Sirian Cyclic Year called New Sirian Watch, or abbreviated NS1.29 . This simply means it has been 29 years (starting tomorrow) since the infamous harmonic convergence or more advance terminology Sirian Watch.

In closing. Let us look at some words by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad who worked very closely with Jose and Lloydine Arguelles, and Jose Arguelles’ Apprentice :Red Queen (Stephanie South)  and was a key of much divinity whom in part of her mission was  bringing more info to us especially those of us in the Nation of Islam and the Original man and woman on the natural cycle of the law of time back into our memory.


In an article dated August 2nd 2013 and entitled Crystals, Images in the Water Glass and the Coming of the Great Mahdi, God in Person! Mother Tynnetta said the following

Recently I joined a small group of persons in a well-known park in the city of Cuernavaca in Mexico, to observe what has been incorporated into the 13 Moon Calendar study as “The Day Out of Time” introduced by Jose Arguelles in his foundation on the “Law of Time.”   “The Day out of Time” always occurs on July 25th of every year in the Gregorian Western Calendar.   This day precedes the Mayan New Year cycle which begins every July 26th.

I reflected over the possible significance of this observation and raised the question: Does there actually exist a day out of time from God’s Perspective?  And, if so, how do we calculate on its meaning?  Studied from the perspective of the Divine Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, we could calculate that the last 6,000 years of Satan’s world Dominion of evil has been practiced unrelentlessly by the Caucasian Race in particular on our Planet until today could represent a time taken out of the Original Man’s Rule.  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us that Yakub’s History and Civilization came in a vacuum of time in our current 25,000-year cycle of history.


According to the Holy Qur’an, Surah 32, verse 5:  Allah’s calculation of time is given as a day equal to one thousand years as we count.  This same measurement is also given in the Bible in the measurement of 6,000 years with six days or periods measuring one thousand years each.  The measurement of the last one thousand years takes us back to a period of the devil’s rule that has been the most violent and evil that has ever been practiced in the annals of world history.

The early beginnings of European history shows their emergence from the caves and hillsides of Europe with their conquests overspreading the world in all directions until they ultimately reached their last stronghold of power in the Western Hemisphere.  This period of the last 1,000 years includes The Middle Ages, and the Renaissance, the time of the Crusades, the rise of the Vatican and the Papacy, and the emergence of Empires of the British Monarchy and other European fiefdoms.  This period introduced the most brutal and demoralizing institutions of slavery, financial and commercial banking systems put in place for the trafficking of world merchandise and slave labor.  The European powers spread out like a black plague of evil, filth and the corruption of bloody crimes unequaled in world history.


Today, we have come to the seven thousandth millennium in which it is prophesied that God would make His Appearance and setup His New Millennium Kingdom and Rule with Christ in Person.  The earth will be changed into a new earth and the Kingdom of God will be restored on the basis of Peace and Righteousness, Freedom, Justice and Equality.  This is the basis of the Divine Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  Everything that is happening on our planet today and in our entire Universe is in preparation for this Present Hour when God is making Himself known and is intervening in the Affairs of men and nations to bring about a complete changeover of worlds.  This is also the Time of the Exaltation of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad as the Messiah and the Exalted Christ.



Please take the time to reflect on the above, meditate on what feelings these words bring about. Tune into yourself of your feelings. Even if you have no previous knowledge of the 13 moon 28 day system and/or the day out of time and law of time work, find what resonates with you and go from there.

In love and harmony

Afiya Mahatmas- Muhammad (Spectral Yogini)

Agent 50- White Spectral Dog







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