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Master Fard Muhammad and Law of Time

These words are from Mother Tynnetta Muhammad :

Master W. Fard Muhammad, The Finder of the Lost Found Nation of Islam in America, laid the base for our understanding the Law of Synchronicity, as further evidenced through the studies of Jose and Lloydine Arguelles in their recent discovery of The Law of Time. Our Divine Teacher taught us that all Lesson assignments are to be read and understood in the past, present and future being perfect, as synchronistic time intervals being in perfect harmony with the Present Moment of The Now! Add to these words—”right down to the modern times.” Then read: “The dead Nation must arise—for the time is at hand.” In all of the above expressions, the most precious moment is the activation of the Now Time or Principle. Perhaps the most emphatic words describing time is given in the following question asked of the students studying their assignment. “What are you doing, today, for yourself? Your Brother from the East wants to know and hear from you at once!”

If I live in the past, I am only a memory. If I live in the present, then I know God as He Is. If I aspire towards the future, then I have already arrived